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Château Ladausse is a 17th century French castle, built on a hill of 4 hectares of pure tranquillity, and spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

The castle is part of a larger complex that was simply called "Ladausse". Ladausse used to be a castle with many farms and a flower mill, but the farms have been sold a few decades ago. The historic details of the building have been kept intact, while the comfort of modern life has been added. The result is a residence with lots of luxury and an unforgettable charm.

The perfect place for your dream wedding!

That's why Arte da Luz and team Ladausse offer beautiful wedding packages for a fully catered wedding including photography and a guaranteed unique experience.

Team Ladausse is run by Eric and Diane Anthonissen.
They have bought Château Ladausse from the previous owners a few years ago, and turned this authentic castle into a luxurious residence where dreams come true.

Diane is an excellent cook, and Eric is a professional sommelier. Together they are the most gentle hosts with a perfect eye for every detail.

Château Ladausse is located in the South-West region of Aquitaine, about an hour's drive from the airport at  Bergerac.
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Arte da Luz wedding photography Chateau Ladausse

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Arte da Luz wedding photography Chateau Ladausse

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Arte da Luz wedding photography Chateau Ladausse