Arte da Luz, who we are.

We are Lieselot and Robert, married in 2017, with the shared life goal to capture the essence of that magical thing that is called love and happiness.
Lieselot is the visual-creative brain, and the main photographer at Arte da Luz. Robert does all technical support, and travels along as a second shooter whenever required. 
We are adventurous by heart and soul, and love discovering new, unique places in the Netherlands and around the world. Which is of course, the perfect recipe for Destination Wedding photography!!

As a child, Lieselot her big dream was to become a professional globe-trotter. Together with her mother, she travelled for years to the most inspiring destinations around the world. She was fascinated by all the different cultures, each with their own (remarkable) characteristics and beauties. From an early age she already had the urge to capture these experiences on camera.
Robert is a true techie, and the technically creative brain at Arte da Luz. But above all, he is also a true romantic. And he has the ability to make everyone feel at ease.
He is jokingly called the " Gyro Gearloose " of the family, because he is capable of fabricating everything with nothing. Which can be very useful when you need to be solution-focused during a wedding!

Our drive behind wedding photography is that every wedding is completely different, this makes it exciting and unique to capture it. We love meeting new people, looking discreetly for that one subtle gesture that has so much meaning. And be surrounded by all joy and emotions of the festive day.
You could say that we fell in love with love.

We are gentle, cheerful and enthusiastic by character. We are very critical of the end result, and have an inexhaustible perseverance to make everything we start a big success.
No request is crazy enough for us, we are open to everything.
We believe in the power of spontaneous photography, where the focus lays on telling a beautiful and cheerful story, in which no detail or emotion is ignored. And all the sincere moments that make a wedding day so special are recorded.

May we capture your unique "yes, I do" moment?

You can book Lieselot alone, or with Robert as a second shooter.

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